Maxence Duhoux



Hi, I'm Maxence, a French developer specialized in web and mobile development. I love the JS stack and especially React.

Current infos

Paris 🇫🇷

Vtae , a SaaS to build online portfolios

Skills I like


React React-Native Typescript Redux NextJs GraphQL Tailwind Css SCSS MaterialUI Firebase Context API


Node.js Ruby on Rails Laravel




  • Web + Web3 developer for Egotrips 2022 - 2023


    I was approached by the founders of Egotrips and they needed a developer to do everything but the visuals. So from the NFTs generation to the website I was in charge of the development.

  • Co-founder of Happy Lynx Family 2022


    I wanted to learn Web3 and help the planet. So I started an NFT collection with a friend. The purpose of the collection is that we plant a large amount of trees for each NFT sold, to help the planet from the carbon footprint.

Personal projects

  • Founder of Vtae (Full-stack JS) 2023 - Currently


    Vtae is an online resume builder highly customizable. It helps people showcase their work and get hired faster. It's also very useful for freelancers and people that needs an online portfolio.

  • Co-founder of IDIH (Full-stack JS) 2021 - 2022


    IDIH (I Did It Here) let's you pin what you just did on a map. Your friends can see your activities even if they live far away. It's a great way to share your activities with your friends.

  • Founder of Homeless (Full-stack JS) 2022


    I wanted to make donations in the street easier. When you don't have cash on you you can still give to people in need with your credit card. With a unique QR Code you can give the desired amount to the person in need.

  • Co-founder of Uredine (Full-stack JS) 2018


    The first time I worked on a personal project with friends. We wanted to build a cloud mining platform. The website was functionnal and we just needed to buy graphical cards to start mining. Unfortunately the funding was not successful but the entrepreneur experience was very valuable.

Mini projects

  • Paclite 2022


    This is a small project that act's like Ninite but for packages. It gives you the right command to install a bundle of packages like that you don't have to open all the documentation links.